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Avengers: Endgame is not a movie. Here is where some poor Ringer writer with Bill Simmons looming over their shoulder like Dennis Quaid in that The Intruder trailer would write “it is a Cultural Event” or “it is the End Of An Era” or “it is the high water mark of brand synergy in the IP marketplace” or some such. No.…

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If you or someone you know has a parent who was permanently disabled or killed in a work-related injury, you are eligible to receive a scholarship.

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Joe Biden’s campaign announcement video—he’s Dragon 5545 1 48 Fw190A7 Aircraft with Slipper Tank (Re-Issue), of course—begins with Charlottesville, Va. It’s a choice, and the construct it reflects is an interesting one. It says a lot.

Hello friends! As you’re well aware by now, Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters this weekend, finally bringing to a—uh, well, not a close or a conclusion, but uh like some kind of large-scale branding transition for Disney and its Marvel Studios subsidiary, where they will arbitrarily plant a flag and say that a…

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Easter is not just a time to be Dragon 5907 1 48 Fokker Dr.VIII by the stirring comeback win of Tiger Woods at Augusta. It is also apparently a time for the Easter Bunny to jump into a street fight with bad intentions and land heavy blows on one of the participants, as apparently happened in Orlando:

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Drew wrote in Dragon 6033 1 35 StuG.III Ausf.F SdKfz.142 1 about getting waxed by his own dang kid in FIFA 19. In our staff chatroom, I mentioned that the one time my own young son succeeded in beating me in Street Fighter II on the SNES Classic (after roughly 200 tries), I had to ruthlessly blank him in two straight rematches to reassert my,…

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If you are familiar with the still boyishly handsome but extremely serious actor Ethan Hawke, you know that when Dragon 60651 1 72 WWII German Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H Tank - Late - Eastern Front 1943 state that a character he’s portraying onstage wields a golf club and then is “seen smashing typewriter methodically,” Hawke will absolutely be smashing the shit out of a typewriter, on…

DSG Schlafwagen 346 3 - Märklin HO Wagen aus Blech - E - gebr.

By now you’ve seen that Notre-Dame de Paris, the historic medieval cathedral in Paris, spent much of Monday being DRAGON 6086 1 35 German Railway Gondola Type Ommr w AA Gun Crew '39-'45 Series. Its stone body, which dates back centuries, appears largely to have survived the conflagration, as did the bulk of the religious relics and art within the cathedral.…

DUHA 21160 - Überdachung - Handarbeit aus Echtholz

You wouldn’t want a news cycle to pass without something to read about Michael Avenatti, and lord knows he wouldn’t either. Because he cares, and because he’s apparently been on an IRS watch list for a decade, that will never happen.

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Rulebook (Peter Mullen Limited Edition) GMG5070P

Game of Thrones is, finally, coming to an end, with the show’s eighth and final season set to premiere on Sunday night after a nearly 18-month hiatus. The meme generator masquerading as a prestige television program has been on the air since 2011 and, in the eight years since, has ridden the dragons of murder, sex,…



  Law Related Charitable Grants

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We are the largest funder of Alabama organizations that provide free civil legal aid to low-income Alabama residents and for law related charitable programs.

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Joe Biden Wants To Be The Donald Trump For White People Who Don't Like Donald Trump

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Attending or planning to attend law school? We support the next generation of lawyers by administering three scholarship funds for law students.

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Ensure access to justice for thousands of low-income families facing life-changing legal issues. Dragon 6203 1 35 T34 85 UTZ Mod 1944 Tank